Event Promo Videos

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Save the Date!

This is the most popular type of B2B events video. It’s a great way to follow up with sponsors, vendors, attendees. It’s also a visual reminder why this event is not to be missed and includes real feedback from speakers, sponsors, attendees.

Our team will pre-interview, create the interview questions, arrange the time & date with the interviewees, etc. We offer complete turnkey video production service to save you time, money and delivery engaging video-reminder of the event.

Humans of ...

(Humans Behind the Brand) videos

These videos are filmed at the event. Your company logo and logos of the event sponsors could be set up as a backdrop–step & repeat banner–to prolong and boost your company’s brand recognition post event. Such videos are an amazing way to create a very special bond with participants, great for social media use and could be released at a certain frequency after the event.

Here are a few examples of such interviews our team members produced for Big Apple Studios. The videos helped establish Big Apple Studios as a video production hub and boosted the companies SEO.